“Zhan Residence, Vanda Place, Fernhill”

“My client recently had his Architectural new build duplex on Fernhill Queenstown constructed by Rob and his team at Ferguson Builders Ltd.

The steep site sitting at the top of the hill on a narrow steep road presented numerous and difficult challenges for the design to accommodate the clients exacting requirements and construction planning and methods to implement the design.

Neither the client or I are Queenstown based so it was critical that we had a team we felt confident could undertake the construction and deliver the client’s requirements with minimal input from the client other than the Architectural plans.

Building Consent had been granted when we went out for pricing.

Robs professional approach and documentation gave us comfort when looking at the potential contractors. The client and I decided to inspect some of Ferguson Builders previous work in Queenstown with a view that if acceptable we would endeavour to negotiate a contract.

The client also indicated that they would like to look at supplying certain items themselves but have the contactor install these items and we needed to find a way for this as it is usually a messy and often disruptive for the contractor. Rob took this request in his stride and provided the appropriate cost adjustments and we quickly negotiated a mutually acceptable contract including payment conditions which was fair and equitable to both parties.

Like all building contracts there are items which either the Architect had left out, could have been designed better or the client wanted to change.

Rob and the team on site were very open in their approach to the contract.  They had a good understanding of building practices, code requirements and quality workmanship and were able to provide good constructive input to solving problems and dealing with changes requested by the client.

This was invaluable given that the client was overseas for a large portion of the build and I was in Auckland.

Rob and his team on site were also instrumental in providing ideas and methods to solve problems/ changes which added to the functionality of the houses and added value to the property at very little if any cost.  This is a key part of any building process and it is becoming more and more difficult to find an organisation with a group of people with these skills in today’s market. 


We found them at Ferguson Builders Ltd.

The build was complex with two four storey architecturally designed homes built on a very steep site.

The client is delighted with how the build process was developed and completed. The result, despite the impact on Rob and the team of the Covid lockdown, two very impressive homes sitting proudly at the top of Fernhill in Queenstown.

A tribute to Ferguson builders for a great job completed extremely well.
We would not hesitate to recommend Rob and his team to anyone looking to build their dream home in the Queenstown area.”