You’re looking to build your Queenstown escape, a holiday home for your family, your NZ paradise or you are moving your life here but rather than renting you want your new home built and ready to move into by the time you make the move. So you need a Queenstown builder: Ferguson Builders are the team to help. Living somewhere else is no disadvantage when working with our team- in fact- our project management software and the systems we have in place mean that you will feel as much a part of your Architectural build as you would if you did live locally.

Talking to our clients who have built with us, their favourite thing about their experience was how they were so involved in the process- talking with Rob and the Site Foreman regularly and being involved in all that was happening. Living locally allows you to do this on site, but living elsewhere doesn’t hold you back at all with Buildertrend: 
Daily logs and photo updates: means that even though you live away from the build, you get to see what progress has occurred as often as you like. Buildertrend allows you access to this information 24/7 and our team update their logs for you to view daily for real-time progress. This includes a written brief from our team onsite as well as photos of what has occurred on site that day. Alongside this we offer all of our clients access to the full scope of the online management system, where you can view real-time progress, scheduling, photos and invoicing/budgeting updates about your project at any stage.
Selections: We will upload all of your architectural choices onto your portal so that you can be sure that what we are putting into your home is 100% what you have selected. Buildertrend allows us to upload a description of the product, an image showing you what it looks like and the price. This allows you to oversee everything and sign everything off from the comfort of your home- wherever that may be.
A strong relationship between architect, builder and client is so important to increasing efficiency and ease of your build. We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with the architects and clients before, during and after the builds we work on. Buildertrend also helps keep this communication up by allowing all three parties to track conversations throughout the build process easily, meaning no more scrolling through emails to try and find the information you are looking for. This is another reason why it is so key to set this relationship up as early as possible between your chosen architect and builder (refer to our past blog on this “5 free tips on how to make your architectural building experience stress free”).
If you are planning to make the trip across and visit site at all during the build, plan this as early as possible with the architect and builder before the project begins, or at the least, as early as possible. There are a few different stages during the build where being on site will be quite handy for some key decisions and so that you don’t miss this timing by a week or so- communicate your plan with the rest of your building team and they can ensure your time during your visit is used efficiently. We can log this into the scheduling element of Buildertrend so that everyone who is involved can
We run an effective project management system within our Ferguson Builders team – offering complete project management of your architectural build in Queenstown from pricing to handover.
The reason we can offer this service is because:
-we have highly capable Foreman on each site who are our site managers overseen by Rob. Rob visits site twice a week.
-we have our awesome Administration and Accounts Manager- Marama who concentrates on the pricing and quantifying elements of the business. This means the background of the business is taken care of and Rob has the time to be working on your build alongside you and your architect. This ensures everyone involved in the project all talks the same language and ensures what you want from your build is being achieved.
If you live out of town or off shore – please get in touch with me by email on [email protected] or calling me on 0274793711. Rob and I and our team of Queenstown builders would love the opportunity to work on your project with you.

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