One of the greatest things about our kiwi lifestyle and home style is the emphasis we place on indoor outdoor flow, and yet sadly outdoor living is often overlooked when people are planning their new home. This usually comes down to a desire to be able to use more of their budget to contribute to their build, but unfortunately that is proving to set a bit of false sense of security. The problem with putting off your landscaping and not including it in your overall build cost is that often there can be quite strict guidelines about how soon your landscape must be developed once you have moved into your new build (usually approximately a year) and not to mention the fact that it will often cost you more doing it in drips and drabs rather than securing mass amounts of products all at once from a supplier.

Based on our experiences and also considering feedback from our previous clients, we would highly recommend locking in a landscaper as part of your building process plan. Their expertise enable you to get the most out of your outdoor area, but they can also give you a better understanding of what your budget will allow you to achieve, rather than attempting it on your own and coming across unexpected costs.
Other bonuses include the trade prices they can get on the products you will require and the time you will save slogging away at the job. Instead you will be able to move right out into your garden with glass of wine/beer/coffee and celebrate settling into your new home.

A tip for working with landscape designers is to prepare your budget realistically to allow for the fees involved. Ask your designer to give you cost estimates for each stage of the work so you can make your decisions based on what you can afford. Remember you’re paying for the right to have a designer’s skill and knowledge focused on your property. The input you receive will enhance your site functionally and aesthetically. A well-chosen designer will provide you with excellent plans that fit both your landscape and budget.

Outdoor decks, BBQs, fireplaces, pergolas and patios all help to maximise your outdoor space to help create an extension of your indoor living. In Queenstown we are blessed with unbelievable scenery any way you look from any area in town, and we really should be relishing and making the most of that.

We can help you with your timber decking and pergola needs, organise your patio and driveway placings and could even help you design your outdoor fire and even build it for you to help you create your perfect outdoor oasis.

While often overlooked, landscaping actually can add significantly to a property’s value. However, it’s possible to spend too much. If you’re worried you might be overcapitalising, you should ask the experts- either refer to a registered valuer or real estate agent in your area before finalising your plans.

And if you are on the hunt for some landscaping professionals, we have worked with some great teams her in Queenstown and would be happy to make you some recommendations based on what you are after. 

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